Who do I contact for service?

I need to repair a mectron product, what should I do?

  • Prior to contacting us, please locate the serial number and purchase date of the affected product. 
  • Next, contact a Mectron Service Center. We will do our best to troubleshoot and find a solution that doesn’t require the return of the product. You can reach us by email (techservices@remove-this.piezosurgery.us) or by phone (614-459-4922).

Where do I find the serial number (SN)?

Each unit and/or handpiece has a unique number identifying the part. Please refer to the table below in order to find the serial number (SN) of the part you have:



Under the unit bodyLabel409 XXX XXX


Under the unit bodyLabel415 XXX XXX


On the back of the unitLaser-marked406 XXX XXX
PIEZOSURGERY® ||On the back of the unitLaser-marked



Multipiezo pro

Under the unit bodyLabel105 XXX XXX


Under the unit bodyLabel106 XXX XXX

Multipiezo white

Under the unit bodyLabel112 XXX XXX


Under the unit bodyLabel- marked101 XXX XXX

Micropiezo s

Under the unit bodyLabel048 XXX XXX

Combi touch

Under the unit bodyLabel205 XXX XXX


Under the unit bodyLabel203 XXX XXX

Combi s

Under the unit bodyLabel046 XXX XXX


Under the unit bodyLabel202 XXX XXX

Turbodent s

Under the unit bodyLabel047 XXX XXX
StarjetOn the plastic bodyLaser-marked

207 XXX XXX BienAir

208 XXX XXX KaVo

209 XXX XXX Sirona


211 XXX XXX Midwest

212 XXX XXX Borden


214 XXX XXX Midwest - US

Easyjet pro

On the plastic bodyLaser-marked


080 XXX XXX old version

Easyjet perio

On the plastic bodyLaser-marked204 XXX XXX

Compact piezo LED

On a side of the control moduleLaser-marked108 XXX XXX

Compact piezo LED handpiece

see "Scaler LED handpiece"

Compact piezo P2K

On a side of the control moduleLaser-marked034 XXX XXX

Compact piezo P2K handpiece

see "Scaler LED handpiece"
Starlight uno

On the handpiece plastic case

the number below the charging base

is not the unit's identification number



328 XXX XXX white

329 XXX XXX grey

330 XXX XXX turquoise

331 XXX XXX yellow

332 XXX XXX light blue

333 XXX XXX violet

Starlight pro

On the handpiece plastic case,

or on the handpiece metal ring

the number below the charging base

is not the unit's identification number

Laser-marked052 XXX XXX
Starlight SLER

On the handpiece metal case

the number below the charging base

is not the unit's identification number

Laser-marked307 XXX XXX

Starlight s SLER

On the handpiece metal caseLaser-marked306 XXX XXX

Starlight SX5

On the handpiece connectorLaser-marked056 XXX XXX


On the metal ring of the handpieceLaser-marked410 XXX XXX


On the metal ring of the handpieceLaser-marked402 XXX XXX

Scaler LED handpiece

On the handpiece connectorLaser-marked107 XXX XXX

Scaler handpiece

On the handpiece connectorLaser-marked102 XXX XXX

What is covered by warranty?

  • The manufacturer's warranty covers any product which has been affected by a material or manufacturing defect.
  • Any accessory or consumable product is excluded by the warranty term, unless otherwise specified in the Use and Maintenance Manual.

How do I know if my product is covered by warranty?

  • Check the purchase date on your invoice. The warranty starts from the day you purchased the product.
  • Then, refer to the Use and Maintenance Manual provided with the product. This manual will specify the warranty term of the product.
  • If you have further questions you can reach us by email (techservices@piezosurgery.us) or by phone (614-459-4922).

In what circumstances is my warranty not valid?

The manufacturer's warranty is not valid in the following circumstances:

  • The device is not used in accordance with the Intended Use specified in the Use and Maintenance Manual
  • The device is not used in compliance with the instructions and precautions specified in the Use and Maintenance Manual
  • If any assembly operation, extension, adjustment, update, or repair work is performed by a repair person or company not authorized by Mectron
  • The environmental conditions for the storage of the device are not compliant with the precautions specified in the technical data section of the Use and Maintenance Manual
  • The use of inserts, accessories, and spare parts that are not approved or manufactured by Mectron 
  • Accidental breakage incurred during transport
  • Damage due to incorrect use or negligence
  • Expired warranty

Is the repaired product covered by a new warranty?

  • Mectron guarantees a 6 month warranty for the repaired product.

After sending my product for service, what information will I receive?

  • The Mectron Service Center will send you a report with an evaluation for each product. If a repair is needed, the estimated price will be included.
  • If a repair is needed, the Mectron Service Center will wait for your authorization to proceed.
  • If a repair is free of charge or under warranty, the Mectron Service Center will immediately proceed with the repair.

What are the service fees for a product evaluation?

  • If your product is under warranty, there will be no service fee for evaluation, unless the product is damaged due to circumstances outside of a manufacturer's defect.
  • If the product is out of warranty, there will be an evaluation fee, as follows:

$50 for handpieces
$125 for devices

  • The evaluation fee covers the cost of your return shipping, should you decide to keep the product.
  • If you decide to proceed with a repair or purchase a replacement product, the evaluation fee will be waived.

What is an RMA?

  • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a part of the process of returning a product to the manufacturer for evaluation and repair. An RMA number will be assigned for any product requiring evaluation or repair. This RMA number identifies the repair process and allows you to monitor its progress. All customers that have purchased a mectron product are entitled to repair services and may request an RMA number.
  • You can initiate the RMA process by contacting mectron by mail (techservices@remove-this.piezosurgery.us), by phone (614-459-4922).