About Us

Piezosurgery Incorporated began as the exclusive U.S. distributor of the innovative, patented Piezosurgery® technology by Mectron. For over two decades, the Piezosurgery® brand has been recognized worldwide as the leader in ultrasonic technology for osseous surgery.  In 2018, Piezosurgery Incorporated became the U.S. subsidiary of our parent company, Mectron Medical Technology.  The company is focused on providing dental and medical professionals with powerful, innovative surgical solutions. We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations in all aspects of what we do, from the quality of our products to that of our customer service and customer education. Annually, we attend more than 100 industry events, including national trade shows, regional association meetings, cadaver and hands-on courses. We work with distinguished practitioners across the United States and Canada who are the thought leaders in various dental and medical bone surgeries, and whose support we have been privileged to receive as a result of our unsurpassed product technology.

Mectron has been active and successful in the dental field since 1979, developing and producing top-quality devices. The company has always been recognized for its continuous process of development and innovation and the excellent design of its products. Thanks to these qualities, and to a sales network covering over eighty countries, mectron has earned itself a position of great prestige internationally. Mectron is responsible for some of the most important innovations in the dental industry: the first ultrasonic titanium handpiece, the first LED curing lamp for composite materials and the first ultrasonic surgical unit for piezoelectric bone surgery. 

The mectron range offered in the United States and Canada currently consists of the following:

  • PIEZOSURGERY®. The original dedicated piezoelectric surgical devices for many oral surgery indications (PIEZOSURGERY® touch and PIEZOSURGERY® GP).

  • Surgical Equipment. Special solutions for clinical interventions like sinus lift procedures (Sinus Physiolift® II) or crestal split technique (bone expanders) are offered. 
  • Piezoelectric scalers. mectron produces and distributes both multi-purpose table-top versions with its own water supply (multipiezo pro touch, multipiezo touch). Ultrasonic devices for dental units are also available (compact piezo and compact piezo LED).

Piezosurgery Incorporated was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Columbus, OH. The company’s mission is to continuously provide healthcare practitioners with innovative clinical solutions aimed at improving surgical and patient outcomes. To this end, we strive to enact our core values of excellence, accountability, teamwork and customer satisfaction in our daily actions.



We have dozens of U.S. and international patents, including U.S. Patents 6,695,847, 8,002,783, 8,109,931, 8,808,295, D509, 588, D509, 899, D539,908, and D539,909.

The cornerstone of the PIEZOSURGERY® system – using precisely controlled, three-dimensional ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone without damaging surrounding tissues – is redefining the state of the art in several surgical fields.