Sinus Physiolift® II kit basic

The kit for those who want to us the already have the sinus physiolift® without PIEZOSURGERY® or already have the necessary inserts. Set of sinus physiolift® elevators together with hand instrumentes for the crestal elevation of the sinus membrane.

EQUIPPED WITH Crestal sinus elevators 2 x CS1and 2 x CS2
Pressure control system: Physiolifter
Ball shaped probe: PROBE SP
Micromotor and ratchet adapters:
ADM10, ADR10
3 silicone tubes with tube-tube connector
2 complete sealed tubes
3 sterile disposable syringes
2 insert trays
Clinical Protocol and DVD
  • Elevator CS1

    Hollow sinus membrane elevator    

  • Elevator CS2

    Hollow sinus membrane elevator, used in cases of an inadequate mineralized bone or overpreparation

  • Physiolifter

    Pressure control system for a micrometric precision by means of hydrodynamic pressure


  • Crestal Sinus Lift


PIEZOSURGERY® - Crestal Sinus Lift with Physiolift by Dr. Rosario Sentineri

Sinus Physiolift® II - single implant sinus lift by Dr. Rosario Sentineri